Why Your Child’s First Teeth Matter  

Quite frequently at Smiles Family Dental, serving Arlington TX and the surrounding area, we regularly hear and see signs that parents don’t feel their child’s first set of teeth is important. However, as a dentist in Arlington who sees people of all ages, we understand the value of taking care of your child’s baby teeth. At your child’s routine visits, we’ll discuss with you ways you can optimize your little one’s oral health for years to come.

  1. Setting the Foundation

Whether you realize it or not, visiting your local dentist in Arlington TX regularly and enforcing brushing and flossing daily sets up your child’s oral habits for the rest of his or her life. Additionally, developing healthy eating habits early is important as well, considering sugar foods lead to tooth decay and contribute to gum disease. Your child will be much more likely to make good oral hygiene decisions as an adult if you teach it early.

  1. Poor Dental Hygiene Can Cause Discomfort

A cavity is sometimes painful for a child and may cause sensitivity, especially to cold and hot temperatures. This is uncomfortable for your child. It could affect his or her eating habits, which can ultimately affect development.

  1. Infection Can Spread

The infection in a tooth may spread to other teeth. Keep in mind, if your child has a combination of baby and adult teeth, the infection may spread to the permanent teeth.

  1. Can Affect Your Child’s Speech

If your child doesn’t take care of his or her teeth, it’s possible for an entire tooth to need to be removed. While this doesn’t seem to be a problem since the tooth was going to fall out anyway, it affects how your child speaks. And he or she requires those teeth to learn to speak properly.

  1. Issues with Alignment of Teeth

Your child’s teeth form a path for the permanent teeth, especially for them to come in correctly. When a child loses a tooth due to infection, the other teeth may shift in order to fill the gap. Damage to baby teeth can lead an overbite.

  1. Decay Can Affect Adult Teeth

Tooth decay in baby teeth can affect the adult teeth. If your child develops an abscess in a baby tooth, it has the potential to spread to the secondary tooth that will emerge.

  1. Self-Esteem Issues

Just because your kid is little doesn’t mean he or she won’t be self-conscious about losing a tooth due to infection. Visible decay may bother your child when he or she looks in the mirror. If tooth problems worsen with age, the effects are even greater.

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