What Is Functional Medicine?

You may be asking yourself “What is functional medicine?” Well, this is a treatment approach that centers on finding the root causes of diseases. Unlike conventional forms of treatment that emphasize on isolating symptoms, it focuses on aspects of your life including lifestyle choices, environment and family history in search of loopholes and opportunities  to help you stay healthy. At Pollack Wellness Institute we provide personalized services for your speedy healing process.

Functional medicine focuses on main causes of illness by utilizing approach that check on body’s system and their main roles. Physicians engages and partners with you for your wellness. They focus on your whole body rather than just symptoms. Here, the primary concern of practitioner being unearthing origin, treatment and prevention of illness. Read on to comprehend what is functional medicine.

How Is It Different?

Unlike the traditional medication, functional medicine is centered on prevention and understanding the origin of various chronic diseases. Furthermore, it differs from traditional medicine in the following ways;

  • Compound with a larger scope– while traditional medicine focuses on the symptoms caused by the ailment, functional medicine encompasses all other issues in the patient’s life that could cause illness. Your practitioner will delve into your day to day life, your psychological well-being in order to establish the root cause of the problem and guide you through making changes for better health. Through the use of more scientific approaches, your genetic inheritance and family history can be established along with your body functions and external environment and how they could affect your wellbeing.
  • Offers alternative treatment- traditional medicine focused on the diagnosis of diseases using the symptoms and prescribing drugs and other forms of therapy based on an assessment of current health conditions. Functional medicine, on the other hand, utilizes more profound alternatives in reinforcing your health and recovery. Common approaches used include nutrition and diet management, exercise, botanical medicines detoxification, and stress management. These methods are used along prescribed medications from laboratories, thus, offering a more compound alternative to traditional medicine.
  • Patient-centered- functional medicine is centered on the life dynamics of every patient. This enable you to achieve long-term vitality, instead of just eliminating a particular disease or its symptoms. Practitioners are always there for you and ready to listen and engage, have in-depth discussions on how you can manage your condition in the short and long run. This will enable you understand yourself better and avert future health complications.

In conclusion

To better understand what is functional medicine  Visit Pollack Wellness Institute. At Pollack Wellness Institute, we offer personalized care for patients. Also, we help you manage chronic conditions using functional medicine approaches. Visit us today and start your journey to better health practice.