What causes anterior knee pain? How to deal with it? Learn it all here.

Knee pain can be very common to a lot of people, but it does really bothersome every time the pain strikes out of nowhere. You just feel frustrated as you take a walk where a dull, aching pain in the front and at the sides of your knees.

Are you tired of that painful and grinding sensation in between your knees especially when you make a step and flex it? You may have or probably have anterior knee pain, or to put it simply, a common front knee pain, and unfortunately, women are more susceptible develop this kind of discomfort compared to men due to many contributing factors and causes.

The first contributing factor is related to the woman’s anatomy, where the knee joint is made up of three bones which are the femur or the thigh bone, the tibia or the shin bone, and the patella or the kneecap, and when it comes to the anterior knee pain, it can be caused by the structural damage of the knee as well as issues that are related to a woman’s muscle, ligament, and cartilage.

To take you further to this kind of condition, there are specific types of it that you should know. The Chondromalacia patella or the inflammation of the kneecap’s underside and the softening of the kneecap’s cartilage which serves as the body’s natural shock absorber, although it is very sturdy, there are instances that it cannot sustain the pressure and the weight especially if the woman is overweight or obese. The other specific condition is the Patellar tendinitis, or what the athletes’ call the jumper’s knee or known also as the runner’s knee, due to being overly used especially through intense physical activities such as sports and exercise.

For men, they have a good percentage to become susceptible to patellar tendinitis especially those who love basketball and football. These two types of knee condition can cause a lot of knee pain and discomfort and sometimes it even requires surgery to fix the problem. Worst case scenario, a person could develop a patellar dislocation which is awfully painful when the kneecap partly or has completely popped out of the groove of the femur muscle, while the other conditions are plica syndrome or the inflammation of the tissue fibers of the kneecap, the quadriceps tendinitis or the pain and tenderness of the quadriceps tendon.

Probably the most common condition that causes knee pain is arthritis and to assume you might probably know the cause of it, but people who are overweight or obese, they are the usual victims to this condition because their knees especially the cartilages of it cannot withstand the excess weight it carries around, that is why the best way to treat knee pain is to get in shape and lose weight.

Depending on the severity of the knee pain, simple remedies like resting, medication, as well as physical therapy can regain the strength back to the leg and hamstring muscles to provide the much-needed support of the knees.

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