Take Proper Precaution To Avoid Side Effects Of Phentermine

Obesity leads to numerous health issues, apart from creating inferiority complex in the affected persons. While the health experts stress on doing exercise and eating right type of foods to shed body fat, usage of specific prescription medications can aid in the process. Phentermine is among the popular prescription medications which are used with exercise and diet to promote weight loss. Its intake affects the nervous system and controls hunger pangs to an extent. While it is quite popular, the medication should be used in the recommended ways to promote weight loss.

Using it in right ways

To ensure you do not face any health problems after starting use of Phentermine, it is necessary to learn about proper usage. To be on safe side, adhere to dosage recommended by the doctor. Taking the medication in heavy doses is not at all advisable. Usually, over capsule a day is what most people are advised to take but doctors may suggest other dosage in some instances.

Along with dosage, the duration on using Phentermine should also be monitored. In most instances, the doctors advise its intake for one and a half months or so. Longer intake can lead to development of addiction and leaving its usage suddenly can cause withdrawal symptoms in users. Some variants of Phentermine should be taken on empty stomach while others may be taken with food. The extended-release tablets are not meant for chewing or crushing.

Possible drug interactions and side effects

Intake of Phentermine with certain kind of drugs may result in interactions and these can cause complications and undesirable developments. It is safer to have a consultation with doctor to learn about possible drug interactions before beginning its intake. Of course, it is not meant for people with existing health conditions like high blood pressure, heart ailments, diabetes, overactive thyroid and glaucoma. Under any circumstances, it should not be used with a MAO inhibitor class drug.

Medications working on the CNS typically have some side effects. Phentermine Side Effects include irritability, swelling in feet, shortness of breath, uneven heartbeats, headache and blurred vision. Insomnia may also affect the users.

While the list of side effects may seem long, the severity is not same in each case. Some users may not even need medical help to overcome these. If you want to use alternatives with fewer side effects, try products like Phen 375 and Phenq.