Synthetic Urine Called Clear Choice Sub Solution – Review and Critique It

Sub Solution Synthetic Urine

If you don’t know anyone who would be willing to give you a clean urine sample, you can purchase synthetic urine online. It is important to understand most methods cannot be fool-proof. There are some tests today that can detect synthetic urine. If you are going to go with fake urine, we recommend that you use clear choice sub solution synthetic urine reviews for passing a drug test. Also, giving the sample and keeping it warm can also be tricky. Like a urine substitute, you will need to keep it at body temperature and be careful when opening the package.  

Substituting the sample

Substitution is another process that can help you pass the urine test. This process involves replacing your urine with another person’s sample. You could research on the internet to find the several companies selling urine substitution devices or those that sell synthetic urine. These companies provide synthetic urine in two forms; the powdered concentrate that has to be added to some warm water or the liquid type that is similar to the substance used to regulate lab equipment. When using this method, you have to ensure that the urine remains in the average body temperature. You also have to be extremely careful because urine substitution is considered a severe crime in many countries.  

Know The Risk Involved In Trying To Pass A Drug Test

There is a lot of information available about the options one can use to pass a drug test. However, most are risky and pose a danger to your health. Others will most likely be detected by testing labs, and others will not be effective in helping you achieve your goal. For example, home remedies like bleach, vinegar, niacin, goldenseal, juice, and cranberry are dangerous and in most cases do not work. Using synthetic urine is risky while diluting your urine sample with an adulterant is highly detectable. The other option is substituting your urine with someone else’s. This option is not only detectable but also very risky.