Some useful facts about hemp

Hemp is an old domesticated crop, and it is used for textiles, paper, and cordage for many years. It is one of the varieties of the cannabis sativa. Hemp is also known as the industrial hemp as it indicates the non-psychoactive variety of Cannabis. Marijuana and hemp come from the cannabis species, but they are differentiated by chemical makeup, use, and methods of cultivation. The flowers and seeds of this plant are used in organic body care, health foods, and nutraceuticals. It is also used as a rotational crop by farmers. It breathes carbon-dioxide, helps in soil detoxification, and prevents soil erosion. For its growth, it does not need water and pesticides.

In comparison to the traditional crops, it is more environmentally friendly. Hemp can perform many functions, but it cannot give people the high. This is because hemp does not contain THC. Later on, the Marijuana Act strictly regulated the sale and cultivation of all the varieties of cannabis. The Controlled Substances Act, 1970 categorized the cannabis forms that include hemp into Schedule I drug, thus making it illegal in the United States. Due to this prohibition, many people have forgotten its use and identify it as the cousin of cannabis. Various conventions are organized like, and Hemp Expo Denver is held highlighting the countless benefits of Hemp.

Marijuana versus Hemp

Marijuana looks different from Hemp. When you see the leaves the shape of marijuana should be broad-leafed or a tight bud. Hemp has skinnier leaves, which remain at the top. A few leaves or branches remain below the top portion of the plant. When you notice a marijuana plant from far, it looks like a fat brush. Hemp is taller and skinnier. When you compare industrial hemp from a marijuana plant, you will see that they are different from each other. The main differentiation point between hemp and marijuana is in the chemical composition, particularly in the THC.

THC is a chemical that is responsible for the psychological effects of Marijuana. Average marijuana contains 5-20 percent of THC. Again, premium marijuana contains 25-30% THC. However, hemp can have maximum 0.3% of THC, particularly making it impossible to get high or feel any psychoactive effect. This threshold is regulated heavily in the countries, which have legalized hemp. The CBD content in hemp is high that performs as the THC antagonist, making the THC amount useless. The environment where both of them are grown is very different. Marijuana needs a controlled, humid and warm climate, unlike hemp.

Future of Hemp

As the popularity of CBD is growing very fast all across the globe and many bio-friendly and practical uses are made possible by it, this industry is expected to skyrocket. The only challenge left for people is building awareness about the product and educating the general public. As a result, many expos are organized, such as Hemp Expo Denver so that people know about the benefits of Hemp. In may happen that shortly, this plant plays a significant role in your lives as it has done in the past.