Public Transport to Mount Bromo

Wonderful Indonesia

If you’ve seen your fair share of waterfalls and believe that following Niagara or even Iguazu, these comparatively small Javanese jungle falls just aren’t worth the additional money, subsequently taking public transport directly to Bromo seems like the ideal choice for you. In cases like this, you are going to need to start from Surabaya, as there isn’t a good connection from Malang into the National Park.

The nearest train Station to CemoroLawang is Probolinggo, which is reachable from Surabaya on many direct trains a day. It’s a 2-hour link for which the cheapest second-class chair will cost you only IDR 60,000. Speaking from experience, however, it’s absolutely worth shelling out 50 percent more for your AC in first class. Though please head that Indonesians do not play AC: whenever it is on, it’s ON, and you’ll require a sweater and a scarf to keep from becoming chilly! The trains usually run in time, and even if they don’t, don’t worry too much, since the subsequent transport to Bromo doesn’t run into a fixed schedule, but just when they are complete to make it even more feasible.

Unless you’re from Southeast Asia yourself, you may instantly be recognized as a tourist upon coming in Probolinggo and people will offer to take you to the Bayuangga bus terminal that’s 4 miles / almost 7 kilometers away. The official price for a bemo (shared taxi) should be IDR 5,000 per individual. Travelers are inclined to get overcharged or perhaps scammed — so pay close attention: if there is a letter D on the Bemo that indicates it is an official one and chances of getting ripped off are considerably less.

Upon arriving at the Bus terminal, prepare yourself emotionally for the last and hardest part of the backpacker-budget friendly travel to Mount Bromo. No, not the 2-hour ride up, into the hills itself, but locating a driver that will not rip you off. Locals will tell you that the long tail bemo, occasionally called bison, to CemoroLawang, no longer exists, already left, or is complete. Don’t think this until you’ve inspected every corner of the terminal at least twice over the Truth is that if you are arriving after 4pm, the past Bemo might indeed have abandoned already, and getting another one might not be possible. If that’s the case, your very best bet is to take a private car, which usually arrive at the Probolinggo train station before 3pm.

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