Prevention of Student Suicide

At some moments in our lives, many of us feel depressed, helpless, hopeless and lonely. Facing some serious problems like loss of a loved one, heart-wrecking relationship breakups, low self-esteem issues, feeling worthless, and financial drawbacks can be really tough. This is why student suicide counseling is very important because young people experience a lot of emotional changes.

Everyone is unique, and we tend to react to problematic situations differently. People who want to end their lives usually see suicide as the only way to deal with the overwhelming emotions effectively. Strong emotional distress is dangerous as it blinds the people from seeking alternative recovery methods.

Some Warning Signs

Most of the time, students who commit suicide tend to give some danger signals as to what they plan to do prior to making an attempt. Knowing such signals and the extent of the student’s problems may help in averting suicide tragedies.

Generally, any statements expressing feelings of being depressed, helpless, hopeless, or lonely might suggest suicidal plans. You may spot some statements like:

  • I want to kill myself
  • I do not know if I can take this anymore
  • I have been saving my medication in case things get out of control
  • I just don’t care anymore.

People who give out such indicators are usually attempting to communicate to others of their want to be understood and assisted. It is important to spot such statements.

At most times, students intending to take their own lives show some changes in the way they behave. They might start to put their affairs in order, withdraw from others, alter their eating or sleeping habits, or lose complete interest in activities or relationships they liked. Also, it is important to note that a sudden, strong lift in a person’s mood might also be a warning sign, because it may show that the student feels relieved knowing that their overwhelming problems will soon come to an end.

Counseling Suicidal Students

Most suicidal attempts can be prevented by counseling and giving sensitive responses to the affected individual. To offer effective student suicide counseling to a student you think may be thinking of committing suicide you should:

  • Stay calm: In a majority of the situations, there’s no hurry. Sit and let the person open up about what they feel. Give him/her understanding and meaningful emotional support.
  • Tackle the suicide issue directly: A lot people tend to have mixed feelings on the topic of death and are willing to assist. Do not fear to ask or speak about suicide directly.
  • Encourage the student to think of positive solutions to the problem: An emotional crisis can prevent a person from thinking clearly, therefore you should encourage the suicidal student to refrain from taking negative, irreversible actions while in an overwhelming situation. Suggest positive alternative actions which may bring hope.
  • Get assistance from others: Though you want to be there for the suicidal person, don’t take complete responsibility by being the only counsel. Let the affected student know you’re willing to help and you would like to get them access to professional therapeutic help beyond what you can provide.

Get the Help You Need Today

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