Matcha Powder Versus Green Tea

Organic matcha power and green tea come from the same place: green tea leaves. Because of this, people sometimes wonder how they differ from each other. They are both primarily used to make drinks, mostly tea. In addition, matcha powder and green tea are used in beauty products such as face masks and body scrubs.

Let’s dig a bit deeper to learn about the differences between them. To do this, we must take a few factors into consideration. They are:

  • Knowing how to process matcha and green tea.
    • Looking at the color differences.
    • Feeling how the textures are not alike.

Processing Matcha and Green Tea

Green tea leaves don’t have to be processed. They come from the plant! But before they are ready to be made in tea, they have to be dried. To do this, the leaves are baked in an oven. Afterward, they can be stored in an airtight container.

Making organic matcha powder is incredibly comprehensive. The veins of the green tea leaves are meticulously removed. The leaves are then stone ground into a fine powder. The process takes a longer time.

Studying the Color Contrast

Green tea leaves and matcha powder are both green. After all, matcha powder comes from the green tea leaves. But they are not the same shade of green! Green tea leaves, when they are ready to be made in tea, have a darker shade of green. This is partly a result of the leaves being dried out. Matcha, on the other hand, is a lighter green.

Matcha powder was not put in the oven. In addition, we must remember that matcha is ground up green tea leaves. Grinding these leaves allows colors from the inside of the leaf to show. And these colors are a lighter green than the outside. If you’ve even snipped a plant, you’ll recall the color difference of the inside of the plant. The inside is usually a brighter green than the outside.

Comparing the Textures

We know matcha is a powder made from green tea leaves. We also know that green tea leaves better resemble what they looked like when they were part of the greater plant.

When they were on the plant, green tea leaves felt similar to any other leaf. But green tea leaves, when ready to be used in tea, feel like crushed up leaves ready to fall apart. This is due to the heating process used to make them. The leaves are dried out. Matcha, on the other hand, is a powder.

Think of flour, or baking soda, or pancake mix. Matcha powder has a similar consistency. It’s said matcha powder feels like talc. If ground properly, matcha powder is very fine. Using matcha powder and green tea leaves are both great ingredients to make tea. Try them both!