How Uridine Supplements Enhance Your Cognitive Abilities? Basic guide for the beginners

One of four components in Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) is known as Uridine, other three components are cytidine, guanine, and adenosine. It means that our body creates Uridine itself. Uridine can also be found in various foods and drinks that we consume such as tomatoes, mushrooms, beer, and others.

However, getting Uridine from food and drink and other outside sources is not sufficient for the needs of the human brain. Therefore we need Uridine Monophosphate (UMP) to feed Uridine to our brain. Additionally, uridine supplement could also increase our brain ability such as memory, learning ability, focus, alert, and mood.

The level of uridine in our body decreases along the time. This means that older people have less Uridine levels than the teens and the adults. This is why most of the older people have memory and cognitive problems. They might not memorize your name, less ability to recall something, less focus, and also become moody at times. These are the symptom of degenerated brain cell membranes.

In scientific terms, these mean a steady decline in the number of neurotransmitter and neurons in the body. People with these problems experience conditions, like Alzheimer, epilepsy, dementia, and even Parkinson. Researchers have shown that consuming uridine supplements are very effective in tackling these unexpected situations.

The synergy of choline and UMP supplements had been researched and studied to give the enormous result as synergy synthesizes phosphatides for a very good impact on learning ability, memorizing, motivation and positive mood. UMP supplements will increase the ability to produce cell membranes.

It improves the synthesis of Phosphatidylcholine (PC) as the main function for enzyme regulation and cells in our brain. Additionally, choline and DHA agents then increase cell membranes productions. When combined with GPC Alpha choline, it increases the level of Acetylcholine (Ach) level to boost your brain cognitive ability.

Combination of Omega-3 with UMP could protect the brain from stress, and depression. Improvement of synapse growth could avoid Alzheimer disease as it increases dendritic spines concentrations and allow it to receive information on postsynaptic neurons. There are some researches that also prove that this supplement could reduce the risk of dementia.

Scientific research has been done that give detailed information about how the UMP supplements could benefit us by increasing cognitive ability. The effectiveness of Uridine on one human body could be different than other. This is why it is recommended to consult with a doctor about how you could get optimum results by consuming this supplement. Especially if you have specific diseases such as diabetic, hypertension, and others, it’s very important that you first consult a doctor.

Usually, you can get UMP supplement in the form of capsule/tablet and powder. The product from Mind Nutrition is made using pure ingredients, which is free from salt and sugar, and it does not contain any Genetically Modified Organism (GMO). No preservatives are added in it as it has no lactose, starch, gluten, and yeast.

UMP can also be consumed as a dietary supplement. In general, you need to consume it three times a day, once for every morning, afternoon, and evening. Take half of the scoop for every dose and please do not exceed the recommended dosage in a day (24 hours). If you experience side effects, then you need to stop the consumption immediately and contact your doctor.

UMP supplements are very good for someone above 18 years. This means that you have to keep it away from children. Do not buy the supplement if the safety seal is damaged. Store it in a dry place, with cool temperature, and keep it away from light exposure. Supplements inside the package could respond to unintended high temperature and high light exposure which in turns might change the supplement compositions. Be careful to any adverse effects, and always consult a doctor.