How Crowdfunding is Empowering the Underprivileged to Break Free of Poverty

Independence comes at an extremely high price, especially in a country like India. Factors like a lack of education, income and good health, force the underprivileged to cluster into joint families. Often, when an elderly falls ill, they inevitably become a burden as the family is unable to afford their treatment. Women often stay unemployed and are forced to depend on their husbands. Despite the financial condition of the family, they often have limited knowledge of planned parenting practices, and have multiple children, and then struggle to send them to school (or simply don’t, choosing to force them into labour instead, illegally, at tender ages). And the vicious cycle continues.

Very few people manage to pull themselves out, to empower themselves with healthcare, education and a decent living; to be self-sufficient. Either they don’t see the need to simply because they don’t know better, having observed their parents living the same life growing up. Or, more often, they are unable to, due to their lack of education and wealth. But today, an accessible solution has risen, to empower more of the underprivileged with the independence they deserve; crowdfunding.

Youth from low income families can now find hope in their dreams; they can raise funds to fund their higher education. Older employed individuals are able to afford medical treatments they need and vocational training to help find better employment opportunities. Many choose to start a small business of their own.

How crowdfunding is helping a man stand on his own feet

Neil (name changed) is over forty. Initially, he was employed as a security guard and lived with his terminally ill mother, who was bedridden. Though his income was meagre, he managed to sustain a living for the two of them. Unfortunately, a grave recent accident cost him his right leg, up to his thigh. Unable to afford an artificial limb, Neil was then left unemployed. The incident was a real blow for their small family; they had lost their sole source of income, and had no family to aid them financially. The future looked grim.

Soon after the accident, Neil lost his mother. She had succumbed to her illness, leaving him completely alone for the first time. A few well-wishers helped him settle into an old age home, where he could receive nutrition and shelter at the very least. But Neil was far from satisfied. One fine day, he made a decision. He would stay determined until he had the self-sufficiency he craved. An artificial leg would cost him Rs 1 lakh. He began looking for fundraising solutions, and came across Impact Guru, a social and medical crowdfunding platform.

A friend helped him pen his story down. He set a goal amount, and was able to share his fundraiser easily from the platform across all social media networks and spread the word to well-wishers. He hopes to leave his dreary life at the old age home soon. He looks forward to finding employment and beginning a more fulfilling and productive life once his campaign closes. Crowdfunding has helped hundreds of campaigners like Neil find a dignified, meaningful living by helping access education and healthcare.