Few Mistakes to Avoid During Methadone Maintenance Treatment

Treatment for opioid addiction was developed in 1964 after the epidemic for heroin during post-world war II period spread in Hawaii. Almost same treatment is followed in order to minimize further abuse of this drug and prevent death caused by that. However, it is necessary to avoid few mistakes during methadone maintenance.

  • Avoid any poor communication between doctor and patient during the treatment

Better communication between the affected patient and the doctor is very important during Hawaii methadone treatment, otherwise there can be plenty of complications that may develop during the treatment and the recovery can be delayed too long. In case, you feel uncomfortable to share with the doctor about the full detailed history about your case, then it is better not to take treatment from such doctor. As such treatment will not benefit you at all.

Better communication and also better relationship with your doctor are required not only during the therapy but also during counselling. You must have same communication that you generally have with your regular physician. Therefore, before you start taking your treatment, you must sit with the doctor and discuss about everything that are related to your addiction and try to develop a relationship with him. In case you feel that you are not in a position to have better communication with the doctor then change the clinic or the doctor.

  • Not following the prescription properly

As per the National Institute on Drug Abuse, in the USA, only in few regulated clinics methadone is provided and hence in order to get your dose, you need to visit the clinic every day. This has to be adhered to for several months of the treatment. Only after that when doctors are comfortable with your status, will allow you to take methadone at your home. Usually it is during this time only many patients abuse the drug and do not follow the prescription properly.

If you take overdose of methadone then you are again abusing the drug. Therefore, it is better you let your dose be taken under the supervision of your physician.

Try to maintain your schedule of treatment while you are on methadone maintenance and any deviation may cause you lots of harm.