Does Anxiety Lead To Unattended Death?

Mental illness has long plagued fractions of the population around the world, and the continuing stigma surrounding mental health is not helping at all. Thousands of families have lost their loved ones to different mental illnesses that led to their loved ones to take away their lives. Mental illnesses like anxiety, no matter what level or severity is a major problem that requires ample attention by the state and society. Different mental illnesses have its different symptoms that people who have it need to deal with it on a daily basis. Despite these differences, the only common thing is they cause immense mental stress that could push a person over the edge. It is very likely that anxiety, a type of mental illness on severe levels could lead to death, even unattended ones. If ever you are faced with this make sure to contact unattended death cleanup dallas to help you with death cleanups in your area.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a mental illness characterized by severe levels of fear and worrying over activities of daily life. Although fear and worry are normal emotional responses, having anxiety means having uncontrollable experiences of fear and worry. On the other hand, anxiety could manifest as a symptom of other mental illnesses like obsessive-compulsive disorder, substance-induced anxiety, even depression. Because of this, it could be difficult to know whether stress is the only illness or merely a symptom of another major illness. It is why a person who is experiencing severe levels of stress should get an appointment with a licensed psychiatrist or a psychologist.

How to Detect Anxiety as a Mental Illness?

Anyone can detect symptoms of anxiety as a mental illness within themselves or their loved ones. However, only a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist can confirm and diagnose someone who has anxiety. A way to detect whether you have anxiety is to evaluate the roots that cause these uncontrollable feelings of fear and worry. Feeling scared, nervous, and worried about a significant event that is about to happen in one’s life is normal. However, if a person bothers or feels nervous to the point that it affects their daily lives, then these could be considered as not reasonable and needs medical attention. For example, people with social anxiety would not come out of their house, or even purposefully cancel appointments because they have severe fear and worry over interacting socially with others. For this reason, a person may have a certain level of anxiety as a mental illness.

Does it Cause Death?

According to recent studies, mental illnesses manifest negatively on a person’s health, so it is likely that it can cause not only death but also early death among people who have it. Then there is also the possibility of being pushed to committing suicide due to the mental illness they have to deal with during most of their lives. Unattended death could also be possible as these people tend to isolate themselves from their loved ones once they decide to commit suicide.

So if you know a person who might have anxiety, be a blessing and spread the light and make sure that person will have a healthy lifestyle habit.