Brain Foods: Foods That You Should and Should Not Eat

There is a lot that food does to your body. In fact, food is our fuel. Whatever functions the body carries out is with the help of the food that we eat. Our brain also needs certain kinds of foods to derive certain kinds of nutrients from them. Pretty much like smoking cigarettes can cause harm to the liver, there are foods that might bring down the cognitive functions of the brain. Here’s a list of foods that you should be eating and avoiding in order to give the best to your brain.

Foods to Eat


Bad fats are not just aesthetically displeasing. It does a lot of damage even internally. If you have surplus of bad fats in your body, it means your brain does not receive the amount of blood and oxygen that it should. In a longer run, this can possibly cause Alzheimer’s disease as you are old. However, the best way to combat the bad fats problem is by increasing the intake of good fats. Fats from avocado help in clearing the bad fats off the walls of the arteries and regulating a healthy blood flow.

Green Tea

Green tea is one amazing solution for increasing focus and concentration. As a result, your cognitive process, like thinking, problem solving, and decision making get enhanced. Green tea contains caffeine and l’theanine. While caffeine instantly energizes you and gives you high levels of focus and concentration, l’theanine helps in slowing down the absorption of caffeine. As a result, caffeine retains its effect for a longer period.

Leafy Vegetables

It is an amazing idea to include leafy vegetables in your bowl of salad for its benefits as one of the memory boosting foods. Leafy vegetables, like spinach and kale are high in Vitamin K which helps in slowing down the degeneration of mental processes, like loss of memory, inability to concentrate etc. leafy vegetables have many cognitive benefits to deliver as you start aging. This is why; make it a point to eat leafy vegetables on a daily basis.

Foods to Avoid

Diet Sodas

Many diet sodas contain certain oils called BVO (brominated vegetable oil). This oil is typically used to make plastic flame-retardant. However, to make sure the flavor stays with the rest of the ingredients of the drink, the industry started using BVO in their drinks. BVO gradually starts building up in the system and ultimately causes various mental problems, like memory loss.

Soy Sauce

Soy sauce is a staple side dish for Japanese, with almost no food being complete without soy sauce. However, having too much of soy sauce can be really bad for health. A tablespoon of soy sauce contains about 40 percent of salt. Overconsumption of salt is the major reason why people suffer from hypertension. Hypertension causes foggy brain, because of a shortage of blood flow to the brain. Next time you dip your sushi in soy sauce, keep this in mind and limit your consumption.

Frozen Pie

Frozen pie that you find in the market contains hydrogenated oil. Hydrogenated oil is something that should absolutely be avoided no matter what. Hydrogenated oil means trans-fat. Trans-fat has the ability to cause shrinking of brain and slowing degradation of cognitive process as you age. There’s a certain amount of trans-fat that is permissible in a day. However, frozen pies that are available in the market contain more than a day’s worth of trans-fat in them, which makes them extremely unhealthy.

These are the foods that you should and should not eat if you love your brain. Make sure you include all the needed nutrients for your brain to function optimally.