Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy And Menopause

While many know that menopause is a completely natural occurrence in a woman’s life, they do not know that it comes with plenty of inconveniences especially during the period before menopause completely begins.

According to medicine, menopause begins 12 months after a woman’s last menstrual cycle, and the first symptom that tells this period is coming is usually the irregularity of periods. While this can also be an indication of being pregnant at first, once the period cycle is inaccurate two times in a row, it is certain that menopause is coming.

Treatment for the symptoms

Thanks to the menopause clinic – Australian Menopause Centre, there has been quite a lot of successful research when it comes to treating various symptoms that menopause is coming, and it is done via bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, which is also known as BHRT.

BHRT works on the concept of funneling hormones that the body was originally producing before it decides to enter perimenopause, which is the period before menopause, and also the period where the organism stops producing some important hormones, with estrogen being the most important one.

The treatment involves the patient taking hormones every day according to the doctor’s prescription, and the patient should be monitored every day in case the therapy requires some changes as everyone reacts differently to the hormones.

The secret behind the success of this therapy is that because it constantly alters the dosage of hormones, and it also targets certain symptoms that show differently from person to person. BHRT is unique almost to all patients, which is quite fascinating.

Hormone therapy is currently the best cure for menopause symptoms

What are the usual menopause symptoms?

There are quite a lot of symptoms during menopause, or more accurately perimenopause. We already mentioned the one that indicates the situation, which is the irregularity of periods, however, there are a couple of more important ones which are quite inconvenient to the patient.

 Hot flashes are another symptom that can be prevented via natural hormones according to Australian Menopause Centre, and this is a symptom that causes overheating, lots of sweating, and with that dehydration, fatigue, lack of sleep, and many other symptoms that perimenopause would bring anyway.

Mood swings might be one of the strangest symptoms during perimenopause, and in some cases the most serious one as it can cause a woman to quickly change her mood from happy to angry for no reason at all. This is quite unfortunate, because women have absolutely no control over their emotions, and the swings are so strong that they are completely under their control.

If you wish to find out more about perimenopause, menopause, and the symptoms that are involved, as well as the BHRT, then you should check out Australian Menopause Centre – Word of Mouth, or go to your local hospital and consult with a professional.

If you are feeling something strange, always consult with your doctor

Final Word

BHRT is not available everywhere in the world just yet, however, spreading awareness about the perimenopause symptoms and the treatment to them is definitely going to help a lot of women in need who are suffering because of them.  If you are feeling some of the symptoms mentioned above, it is highly suggested that you consult with your doctor.