A Go-To Guide in the Battle against Underarm Darkening with Whitening Creams

A modern woman is often characterised by how confident she is in her skin. The general consensus is that beauty stems from confidence. To a fair degree of precision, it may be surmised that in the social context, this confidence is dependent on one’s physical appearance in no small measure.

The hypothesis that a clear, fair and unblemished complexion affects one’s mood and confidence has been validated time and again in numerous instances around the world. While many of us have invested heavily whitening creams and lotions for face, some other more subtle parts often go unnoticed.

One such area is the armpits. Many women are hesitant about wearing strapless dresses or tank tops just because their armpits are darker than the rest of the body. It is a serious issue that has been denting the confidence of numerous women around the globe. In this blog, let’s look at the underlying causes of dark armpits and how to treat them safely and effectively.

What causes darker armpits?

For achieving a perfect tone of the armpits, it is crucial to understand what causes them in the first place. The causes of armpit darkening are different from other parts of the body, making traditional skin whitening creams that you use on your face somewhat inadequate for its treatment. Underarm darkening usually has the following underlying causes.

  • Deodorant/ Antiperspirant

Admittedly, not all deodorants or antiperspirants will darken your armpits. However, certain varieties of deodorants containing specific ingredients can accelerate underarm darkening. The primary culprits in this category are alcohol, aluminum chloride and certain fragrances. So, for your next deodorant, try to avoid the ones that have these ingredients in them.

  • Shaving

Shaving underarms is a widespread practice which unfortunately leads to hyperpigmentation and the subsequent darkening of the skin. When you shave on a regular basis, the friction leads to skin getting thicker and darker.

  • Hormones

Hormonal changes may change underarm skin color. This phenomenon is especially prevalent in pregnant women who have an increased production of oestrogen, among other hormones.

  • Dead skin accumulation

Lack of proper hygiene is one of the leading causes of underarm darkening. If you do not scrub your underarms with appropriate cleaning agents regularly, dead skin may accumulate in the area leading to a darker skin tone.

How to get rid of it?

There are many tried and tested ways of enhancing the underarm skin tone.

  • Laser

Permanent hair removal renders the use of razors on the underarms moot. It also prevents hyperpigmentation by disintegrating the hair follicles, leading to a brighter, fairer armpit.

  • Skin whitening creams and soaps

There are numerous glutathione enriched soaps and lotions available in the market specifically targeting underarms. One prime example is the kojic soap which you may use instead of your regular soap for a fairer armpit.

There are many other products available in the form of whitening lotions and deodorising roll-ons which attain the same objective. If you are in a dilemma about committing to laser treatment, kojic soap and other whitening products offer a suitable alternative.

Do not let dark armpits hamper your confidence. Act against it today and express your beauty through every part of your body.