8 Herbs That Reduce Cholesterol Level Naturally and Keep Heart Healthy

Looking for natural way to lower cholesterol ? here’s everything you need to know

Our regular diet isn’t necessarily always a balanced one.  Specially in an urban life, there’s a lot of food being taken which adds up to the cholesterol level in the blood.  In our daily diet of junk foods and oil overdose, the accumulation of the excess cholesterol along the artery walls makes them thicker which in turn hinders free blood circulation. However, just having the wrong diet isn’t the only reason for high cholesterol. Obesity, chronic stress, alcohol, sedentary, abuse are also few of the major causes. But there are natural ways of preventing shooting levels of cholesterol.

Here are the 10 effective ways of doing so through natural herbs :

  1. Korean Red Ginseng :

We already know much about the multi dimensional effects of Korean Red Ginseng. Because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties  Korean Red Ginseng mediates its protective effects on lipoprotein metabolism for prevention of atherosclerosis and diabetes. Korean Red Ginseng has the best effects when it comes to reduction of bad cholesterols. A normal cholesterol level keeps heart healthy and ensures regular body function.

  1. Turmeric :

Turmeric is a yellowish herb, usually consumed as power in foods. The spice provides protection against the cardiovascular related illness in two ways: from a cholesterol lowering viewpoint ,  the curcumin is responsible for the effects. It instructs the genes to dictate the cholesterol. Curcumin also improves cardiovascular health by enhancing blood circulation and preventing blood clot.  Turmeric also stops the arteries from hardening by lowering the levels of cholesterol and suppressing fat oxidation. The lowering levels of LDL cholesterol and thus can cut down the plaque built-ups on artery walls. Adding a little dash of turmeric powder to cooking and preparation of dishes is the most popular way to consume it.

  1. Garlic :

Of all the healthy herbs garlic is the most popular because when it comes to reducing cholesterol it is number one. Hundreds of studies have been conducted which proves that it has anti-thrombotic, anti- inflammatory and anti platelet compounds. Garlic can lower bad cholesterol (LDL) levels, lower hypertension levels, and increase platelet aggregation. Garlic is taken in many ways but taking it as a paste in different preparations is the most popular way. Garlic helps is breaking blood clots within the arteries which otherwise is fatal to brain. There’s something which needs to be remembered if one is already into taking supplement, is that, garlic too is a blood thinner. So consulting a doctor before garlic intake is recommended.

  1. Licorice root :

Licorice extract has proved to be a potential antiatherosclerotic agent after a study looked into its efficacy on hypercholesterolemic patients and confirmed it’s efficiency in the reduction process. Licorice happens to be a great source of flavonoids effective in lowering the cholesterol level. It also helps to prevent cholesterol accumulation along the artery walls. Glabridin, an important active component in licorice helps in delaying oxidation process of the LDL cholesterol, considered to be one of the major reason of the increased cholesterol level.

  1. Alfalfa :

Probably one of the most widely recognized foods in the natural health community, Alfalfa belongs to the pea plant family and is considered a super food by many. The saphonin in Alfalfa stops the absorption of cholesterol along with the prevention of building artery walls. Alfalfa also doesn’t have any effect on good cholesterol. This is why, apart from Korean Red Ginseng, Alfalfa’s  good effects in lowering cholesterol  are well known.

  1. Artichoke :

It is said that the artichoke leaves  consists of a special fiber which blocks cholesterol absorption in our body, lowering the production of LDL cholesterol particles. The herb manages hypercholesterolemia within weeks by increasing and lowering the HDL and LDL respectively.

  1. Gugulipid :

Derived from the resin of Mukul tree, Gugulipid has shown effective results in lowering the overall cholesterol level. In India it has been used over ages and is now being prescribed too. The most important part is Gulgul doesn’t have harmful side effects unlike many other western drugs.

  1. Celery :

Last but not the least, celery reduces cholesterol levels too . The best part is celery may be added to almost each and every dish. So eating a lot of celery is a lot more easier and also effective way of reducing cholesterol levels in blood.


With heart disease being the number one killer in America, and a serious problem in many other parts of the world, you want to do all you can to reduce your risk of developing this silent killer. One major way to do this is to control your blood cholesterol levels. So its important to control the cholesterol level in order to get a healthy long life!